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Give Me a Drink

Jesus asked the Samaritan woman to give Him a drink when He was thirsty.  Millions of God’s children today are thirsty and do not have clean water, and what little water they have is very difficult and laborious to obtain. Will you give them a drink? Please take a few minutes to watch this video, and ask the Lord what He might want you to do to help.

Perhaps we don’t think enough about those who do not have the basic necessities of life that we take for granted.  I was moved by this story of Carmelina and her severe daily hardships, malnourished and having to work very hard just to get a little dirty water to survive on.  Having moved from Redwood Valley to South San Francisco, one of the first things I grumbled about was that this city-water tasted like Clorox.  After seeing this video, however, and walking a few feet to the faucet and getting a glass of water, I “heard” within my soul: “Don’t you dare complain about chlorinated water!  Be grateful you have water, in abundance, and with such ease of access!”

There are millions of Carmelinas in this world, and we are probably oblivious to their suffering.  But this should not be.  Who are you and who am I that we should have an abundance of food, water, clothing, etc—not to mention all the other amenities and gadgets we find “necessary” for our lives—while our fellow human beings have practically nothing, and suffer every day in an effort just to stay alive?  This injustice has to be redressed, and the least we can do is support those who are actively trying to help our poorest brothers and sisters.  So please consider helping.  It’s really not a matter of charity, but of justice.  We owe it to them.  They are our family.

You can click here to donate specifically for water projects, or here to help with food and other basic necessities for the very poor.  This organization is very dedicated and very efficient with donations, using over 96% directly for services to the poor.  May God bless you for this because, as Jesus said, what you do for them you do for Him, and He will remember this on the Last Day.

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