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Through the Virgin Mary, the New Eve,
Paradise Will Not Fail Twice


A Place Prepared by God is more than a book of reflections on the mystery of the Mother of God. A personal experience of the presence of Our Lady prompted Abbot Joseph to write something to help make her better known and loved. Mary is offered to us by God not merely for our admiration or veneration, but as a real, living Mother with whom we can personally relate, in whose loving company we can walk on the way to the Kingdom of Heaven. Through these pages, you will discover a Woman whom you have perhaps not sufficiently understood before, who shines through the pages of Scripture and the whole experience of the Church, and who invites you to a richer spiritual life. Peppered with personal experiences and a bit of poetry, along with an additional perspective from the Byzantine tradition, this book is more engaging than a standard treatise on Our Lady. When you learn what God has really meant her to be, for the whole world and for you personally, you will surely come to her and allow her to bring you to Jesus.”

–From the back cover.




Lifting the Veils on the Presence of God




“The great quest of man is to discover God. The great desire of God is to reveal Himself to man. This quest and this desire meet in the human recognition of the divine presence
, and in the life of blessed communion that flows from this encounter. Or rather, from these encounters, for a life of faith and love for God is characterized by an endless series of revelations and discoveries, of calls and responses, both major and minor. In How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place, Abbot Joseph helps the reader ‘lift the veils’ that tend to conceal the mysteries of God, so that it is easier to recognize and enjoy his presence. Since God is Creator, He can be found in the beauty and wonders of his creation. Since God has created man in his own image and likeness, his presence can be experienced through human beings. And since God has sent his Son Jesus Christ to save us from our sins and to bring us to the fullness of life, He can also be known and experienced in the life of faith, prayer and worship offered through his Church. Once you learn how to ‘lift the veils,’ you will receive a foretaste of the great riches and profound joys of what God has prepared for those who love Him. You will begin to perceive the God who is ‘everywhere present and filling all things.'”

–From the back cover.




JOY COMES WITH DAWN:Reflections on Scripture and Life



“Abbot [emeritus] Joseph reminds us that ‘all creation is meant to sing.’ In this profound, beautifully written and winsome series of meditations, he leads the way to that song, like the bird he describes that wakes the dawn. A true voice from the desert, this book will lead you to an oasis of the heart that only a desert dweller could know, and which Fr. Joseph graciously shares with us. His words, full of love of the Lord and His world, pulse with the music of God.”

–Raymond Gawronski, SJ, author:
Word and Silence, and A Closer Walk with Christ.




A Journal of Hope in the Face of Death
A book by Laura Grossman.
Edited, with commentary by
Fr. Joseph Homick



“You are going to die. And I am going to die. This is an indisputable and inescapable fact of the human condition. While our eventual (and perhaps imminent) death is inevitable, there are some things not yet decided. Where will your soul go when it departs your body at the hour of death? How will you approach and prepare for death so that your soul will find everlasting peace and blessing? How will you assist a dying loved one? In Prepare for the Kingdom, Laura Grossman shines a light for us on that obscure path which all must walk, yet from which no one returns. After being diagnosed with cancer, she had three years to prepare her soul to meet her Creator and Lord. For ten months of the last year of her life, she wrote down her thoughts and reflections, her hopes and fears, concerning her approaching death. This unique book is her journal, with some added commentary, of her courageous walk toward the final frontier of life, supported by divine grace and the prayers of her loved ones. Also included is some helpful information about the grieving process which follows the loss of loved ones. Since you must one day make this journey
, perhaps sooner than you think, you may wish to gain the insight and wisdom of one who has gone before you, who has written of her hope for the Life that is beyond death. Preparing yourself to die in Gods grace is the most important thing you will ever do.”

–From the back cover.

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1. Price of Books:
Fr. Joseph’s A Place Prepared by God (258 pages softcover):
$12.95 each

Fr. Joseph’s Joy Comes With Dawn (286 pages, softcover):
$14.95 each
Fr. Joseph’s How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place:
Lifting the Veils on the Presence of God

(282 pages, softcover):
$14.95 each
Laura Grossman’s / Fr Joseph’s Prepare for the Kingdom (158 pages, softcover):
$11.95 each
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